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Windows Part 2:

We often add an extra detail under our windows to give the wall a more characterful 3D feel; first our Stone Roof Tiles

Second comes our String Course completing a more interesting look

Once the Cills are in place we fit the Jambs (side sections) next

Followed by the Mullions (centre sections)

Now we are ready for the Window Heads

We need to brick in the sides of the Heads straight away to hold them in place securely

Then we can concentrate on a little more detailed brickwork

Quadruple Light Gothic Window

Here is the finished Quadruple Light Gothic Window complete with Roof Tile/String Course detail and with Celebaration Friezes below

The Stoneworks Show Garden

Plant bed with leaf mulch

Winter Works

Winter Works at The Stoneworks Show Garden Watch these videos to see how we did our leaf shredding using our new @Hyundai 3 in 1 Leaf Blower, vacuum & mulcher. Preparing Rose/Herbaceous plant borders for…

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Spring Social Stories

Spring Social Stories

Social Spring Stories Here is a selection of videos from our Stoneworks Show Garden Spring Updates. A charming Gothic Folly complete with cottage garden planting to enhance it, and a couple of spring gardening tips.…

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Stoneworks Show Garden Introduction

Stoneworks Show Garden Introduction

In the absence of the Chelsea Flower Show this May we have decided to design and build something along the lines of our normal Chelsea Exhibits safely here at The Stoneworks, our base just outside…

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Stoneworks Show Garden Spiral Steps

Stoneworks Show Garden Spiral Steps Wall

Spiral Steps Wall at The Stoneworks Show Garden We have built a delapidated wall linking last years’ Potting Shelter Garden to the Ruined Bell Tower with a broken doorway leading to the Spiral Steps. Here is…

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