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Plinth & Walling:


Our stone plinth sections laid all round and the start of the brickwork

Lower Walling Features

Parapet and Celebration Frieze details liven up the lower walling

Roof Tile String

A lovely String detail using our Stone Roof tiles runs through the brickwork

Lower Walling 2

In position to make a start on the Windows now

Plinth & Brickwork

Preparing to fit the Balustrade Crosses

Fitting the Balustrade Crosses

Plinth & Walling to Windows

The Stoneworks Show Garden

Boho Garden Scene

Hang or chill in a Boho Garden

We’ve cleared the Alfresco Dining area away and the mood has mellowed. What a great place to lounge, hang, soak or chill. Contact Tim for your own custom design, however small or large - practically…

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Hot Tub through the keyhole