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01749 677777 –  Wells, Somerset

Redwood Stone

Bio Links

Bio Links

Bio Links

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Small Trefoil Facade

Yard Sale

An extra 35% OFF existing Folly Graveyard prices

Folly in the Garden

Folly in the Garden

Outdoor Living in Style

Follies for the smaller garden

For the Smaller Garden

A collection of compact inexpensive follies

Hot Tub through the keyhole

Hot Tub Surround

How to design a hot tub into your garden

how to bring character back into your outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

How to bring character back to the Outdoor Kitchen

Alfresco Dining Garden Inspiration

Alfresco Dining

How to add a zing to Alfresco Dining

Redwood Stone Folly Projects Design Drawings


We are fortunate to have the opportunity to design and supply for some amazing projects both in the UK and abroad.

Boho Garden Scene

Boho Garden

Hang or chill in a Boho Garden

ITVs Love Your Garden 2021

ITV's Love Your Garden 2021

with Alan Titchmarsh featuring Redwood Stone

Trefoil Facade Love Your Garden Folly

ITV's Love Your Garden 2019

with Alan Titchmarsh featuring Redwood Stone

Reclamation Ornaments Winter Sale

Reclamation Ornaments

A wide collection of birdbaths, planters, troughs, water features et al

Pool Terrace Folly

Bespoke Designs

When a standard doesn't fit the bill we design a folly especially for you

Italianate Garden Collonades

Italianate Garden

Timeless classical architecture for the garden

Redwood Stone Folly Design

3D Design

Such a useful tool to visualise your design in advance

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