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The importance of structure in garden design cannot be over emphathised, especially during the Winter months. When all the summer planting has died back and the trees are bare the structure shows its importance and there is nothing better than a lovely Folly for this purpose.
Snowy Folly

This splendid Abbey Ruin in Cambridgeshire, seen in full above and in detail below, really proves the point. The Ruined Bell Tower in the centre complete with Standard Gothic Arch and buttresses is flanked by wings featuring our Gothic Windows on the left and single and triple Gothic Arch Windows on the right. 

Wintry Folly
Wintry Folly with Gothic Arch
Wintry Folly with Gothic Triple Arch Window
Snowy Corner Arch Ruin

Here are a couple of examples of how a much smaller Folly can still add that all important structure and look great when the snow comes.  Above is our Corner Folly and that is our double light Tracery Window facing you.

Snowy Folly

On a similar theme here is one of our very best sellers, The Corner Arch Ruin. The Standard Gothic Arch, Tracery Windows, Quoins & Parapet are a staple of many of our Follies and Ruins.

Another lovely Wintry scene, this time in Worcestershire.

Wisconsin Gable

Here is fantasy folly in the USA with a Gable Arch.

Folly at night

No snow here but the Studio, Gateway and Ruined Bell Tower look magnificent, beautifully lit under the night sky.

Folly at night

An almost never ending Cloister and a version of our Buttressed Castle Ruin surround this formal pond setting near Salzburg, Austria.

Folly at night

For the moment it escapes me where this enchanted setting with Gothic Arch and Trefoil Windows in the distance is, but hopefully someone will let me know before too long.

Royle Forest Weddings Snowy Gateway

Our imposing Manor House Gate Piers form the entrance to what must be the best new Tipi Wedding Venue out there. We were proud to work on the Royle Forest project and there is more within, a Quatrefoil Ruin entrance to the forest walkway and the Wedding Chapel centrepiece.

Contact Tim for your own custom design, however small or large – practically everything is always in stock – most orders delivered in under two weeks (unless you’re after a cathedral!)


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