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How it all started:

Ryte Designs 1989

One first step into the Chelsea experience is to work on another exhibit, in this case Tim promoting hand made English Teak furniture. How basic the stands were back in the day!

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Our Stand_1992

Our first stand, offered to us at three weeks notice, complete with Arches, Forgotten Pavilion and planting by Jon Van Hage, as a reprise of the glories of the year before.

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Low Classic Fountain

Imagine this, my first year, the Queen is just about to walk past a couple of yards away, and suddenly this fountain decides to spray all over her intended route. My guys have thoughtfully hidden the flow valve under the bridge – there’s no choice. I emerged dishevelled and dripping wet just in time to bow!

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In 1994 we raise our game again with planting by an upcoming designer Roger Platts. The rest is history, well for Roger at least (!), as he went on to design Gold Medal and Best in Show gardens of his own, not least for M & G, the sponsors of the Show.

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The Forgotten Pavilion

In 1991 Redwood Stone designed and built the Gothic Arches for Jon Van Hage’s Gold Medal winning and Best in Show garden, The Forgotten Pavilion, sponsored by the Daily Express.

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Our Chelsea Story

Queen's Font

Our Chelsea Story – Celebs & Royals

Celebrities: Chelsea sometimes gives you the opportunity to meet your heroes, but often it’s someone else who catches your eye.  #redwoodstone #chelseathroughtheyears #chelseaflowershow #rodstewart #RHSVirtualChelsea #RHSHampton I’ve known Chris Robshaw,…

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