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What they don't show you on TV

One of the complaints I hear most often from friends, customers and followers is about the Chelsea TV coverage! While 5% of what is on show is flogged to death, along with the presenters they say, 95% of the most amazing Flower Show on Earth remains invisible to the millions who can only watch on TV. In the following videos I attempt to redress the balance a little for you.

Episode One: The Show Opens
The Show opens at 8:00am but the queues from Royal Hospital Road start forming way earlier than that. There’s a particular buzz on the first morning (Tuesday) as visitors wait to see who won Gold, and who didn’t!

Episode Two: Eastern Avenue
As you enter the show from Royal Hospital Road you are greeted by Eastern Avenue. Early in the morning most soon turn right and head for the show gardens but later in the day this long run of smaller trading stands is always packed with shoppers.
PS Perhaps Laurel and Hardy would have been more appropriate!

Episode Three: Ranelagh Gardens:
Further East again, this less formal and deceptively large area of the show is in a real garden setting, as the name suggests. A place to browse or relax on your way to the ever popular Sanctuary (once Artisan) Gardens.

Episode Four: Main Avenue:
This is the location of all the biggest and most prestigious show gardens. You can see these all down the eastern side of the drag, but behind you on the western side is a collection of some of the biggest trade exhibits, almost show gardens themselves in some respects.

Episode Five: Northern Road One:
At the top of the Showground this area, Northern Road along with Pavilion Way, contains a feast of exhibits facing the show gardens which back on to the Royal Hospital grounds. I’ve only scratched the surface here but still had to extend my coverage over two episodes.

Episode Six: Northern Road Two:
Northern Road and Pavilion Way, which runs parallel under the shadow of the Great Pavilion, are a hotbed of interesting exhibits. You could spend a large part of your visit browsing here.
Episode Seven: Southern Road One:
Down on Southern Road, just inside the Bullring Gate off the Embankment, there was once an area known as Rock Bank. It has been replaced in recent years by what I call ‘Sculpture Alley’.
Episode Eight: The Finale:
I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of just a small selection of highlights missing from the TV coverage of Chelsea. The fact that the presence at Show of these and other amazing exhibits remains unpublicised seems like a bit of a marketing faux pas to me. Hey-ho!

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