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Walling Stones

Walling Stones

Walling Stones
REC6031 & REC6032

Walling Stones

Standard 9″ Quoin
REC6031 £26.25 inc vat
Low 9″ Quoin
REC6031a £19.50 inc vat
Narrow 9″ Quoin
REC6031b £21.00 inc vat

Walling Stones

Standard 18″ Quoin
REC6032 £51.50 inc vat
Short 18″ Quoin
REC6032a £33.50 inc vat
Medium 18″ Quoin
REC6032b £43.00 inc vat

Standard 9" Quoin left and right ruin

Ruined Standard 9″ Quoin left
REC6031lr £25.25 inc vat
Ruined Standard 9″ Quoin right
REC6031rr £25.25 inc vat

Celebration Frieze

Celebration Frieze

Celebration Frieze
REC6047 £205.00 inc vat

Celebration Frieze

Celebration Frieze
REC6047 £205.00 inc vat

Celebration Frieze left

Celebration Frieze left 
REC6047l £58.50 inc vat

Celebration Frieze middle

Celebration Frieze mid 
REC6047m £102.50 inc vat

Celebration Frieze right

Celebration Frieze right
REC6047r £58.50 inc vat

Roman Coping

Roman Coping Stones

Roman Coping 
Available in single and double skin brick variants

Roman Coping

Roman Standard Coping Double Straight 
RR2052dc s £55.00 inc vat

Roman Coping Corner

Roman Standard Coping Double Corner 
RR2052dc c £35.00 inc vat

Roman Coping End

Roman Standard Coping Double End
RR2052dc e £35.00 inc vat

Roman Coping

Roman Coping Single Straight
RR2052sc s £55.00 inc vat

Roman Coping corner

Roman Coping Single Corner
RR2052sc c £55.00 inc vat

Roman Coping end

Roman Coping Single End
RR2052sc e £47.50 inc vat

Full & Half Bullnose Coping

Full and Half Bullnose Coping

Full & Half Bullnose Coping

Full/Half Bullnosed Coping Straight

Full/Half Bullnosed Coping, straight
RR2054s c £56.50 inc vat

Full/Half Bullnosed Coping Corner

Full/Half Bullnosed Coping, corner
RR2054c £36.00 inc vat

Border Edging

Border Edging
Border Edging Straight

Border Edging, straight
WRBE01 £44.00 inc vat

Border Edging Finial

Border Edging, finial
WRBE04 £21.50 inc vat

Border Edging Left Handed Return

Border Edging, left handed return
WRBE02 £44.00 inc vat

Border Edging Right Return

Border Edging, right handed return
WRBE03 £44.00 inc vat

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