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Italianate Arches

Our Italianate Arches are available in a number of configurations.

The two standard openings are 900mm and 1200mm with a single arch of each comprising a left, right and three middle Voussoirs. A Springer for each size of opening allows for any number of multiple arches and 9/12 Springer (as shown here) enables endless combinations of the two different openings.

There is also a choice of Plain or Fluted Columns with a selection of Doric, Ionic or Tuscan bases and capitals.

Please click here to see our Columns page

Italianate Garden Arches
Italianate Garden Arches
Italianate Garden Arches

900mm Opening Italianate Arch

Single Arch RR2012 900sa

Italianate Single Arch 900mm
RR2012_900sa £630.00 inc vat

Double Arch RR2012 900da

Italianate Double Arch 900mm
RR2012_900da £1,145.00 inc vat

Italianate Triple Arch 900mm
RR2012_900ta £1,660.00 inc vat

900mm & 1200mm Opening Triple Italianate Arch

Roman Triple Arch 900mm and 1200mm

Italianate Triple Arch 900/1200mm
RR2012ta9/12 £1,825.00 inc vat

Triple Roman Arch 900mm 1200mm

An example of our Italianate Triple Arch
900mm / 1200mm

Roman Arch Facade

The Italianate Triple Arch Colonnade with Fluted Ionic Column on left & Plain Ionic Column right

Please click here to see our Columns page.

1200mm Opening Italianate Arch

Roman Single Arch 1200mm

Italianate Single Arch 1200mm
RR2012_1200sa £830.00 inc vat

Roman Double Arch 1200mm

Italianate Double Arch 1200mm
RR2012_1200da £1,525.00 inc vat

Roman Triple Arch 1200mm

Italianate Triple Arch 1200mm
RR2012_1200ta £2,220.00 inc vat

Please note dimensions shown do not include joints.

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