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Standard Plinth


Standard Plinth REC5022

Standard Plinth, single
REC5022s £78.00 inc vat

Standard Plinth, double
REC5022d £78.00 inc vat

Corner Plinth, single/single
REC5022lp ss £47.75 inc vat

End Plinth, single
REC5022ep s £47.75 inc vat

Line Plinth, single/single
REC5022lp ss £47.75 inc vat

Standard Plinth, single 45 degree
REC5022sc £52.50 inc vat

45 Degree Double Plinth

Standard Plinth, double 45 degree
REC5022dc £72.00 inc vat

Corner Plinth, double/double
REC5022cp dd £47.75 inc vat

End Plinth, double
REC5022ep s £47.75 inc vat

Corner Line Plinth, double/single/single/right
REC5022clp ss £47.75 inc vat

Standard Plinth, double return
REC5022dr £78.00 inc vat

Bullnosed Under Plinth

Bullnosed under plinth
REC5022up £104.00 inc vat


Charlton Plinth

Charlton Plinth

Charlton Plinth REC6081

Charlton Plinth Course
REC6081 £220.00 inc vat

Charlton Plinth Course
Left & Right Returns
REC6081lr& rr £106.50 inc vat

Charlton Plinth Course
90 degree external mitre
REC6081e £56.00 inc vat
90 degree internal mitre
REC6081i £96.00 inc vat


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