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Chelsea Flower Show

Hampton Court Flower Show
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Ashmore Vase & Plinth

Ashmore Vase & Plinth

Byzantine Vase  


Alibaba Planter

The Alibaba Planter was part of our collection over 30 years ago, but fell out of fashion so we stopped making it. We showed two beautifully weathered examples of these 30 year old planters at Chelsea Flower Show this year, sold them on the first day, and were inundated with enquiries.

We have taken the mould out of store and are producing the Alibaba again with our unique weathered finish as shown below.

French Lattice Planter
Byzantine Vase     French Lattice Planter
Kissing Cherubs     Italian Vase

Kissing Cherubs

  Alibaba Planter  

Italian Vase

Kingsdon Seat Romanesque Seat
Kingsdon Seat


Alibaba Planter


Romanesque Seat

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