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The Old Manor House Garden
Roman Balustrade & Steps

Michelangelo (1475-1564) designed the double or twin staircases
to the Palazzo Senatorio in Rome leading to thePiazza del Campidoglio.
These monumental stairways were decorated with perfect stone balustrades.
Built atop ancient Roman ruins, this Renaissance architecture signals
the rebirth of Roman architectural traditions.

Our Balustrading and Steps at a Georgian Villa in the ancient Roman City of Bath, England
Manor Baluster WRBL01 £76.00 inc vat
Manor Plinth WRBL02 £67.00 inc vat
Manor Rail WRBL03 £63.50 inc vat
Manor Pier WRBL04e,c,l £207.00 inc vat
Full Bullnose Step, straight REC6064s £58.50 inc vat
Full Bullnose Step, left/right return REC6064lr/rr £58.50 inc vat

Please note where dimensions shown do not include joints.

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