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Introduction  /  Garden  / Architectural              
The Old Manor House Garden
Chelsea Flower Show
The Old Manor House Garden

The unique feature of Redwood Stone classical stonework is that they are
made using named natural stones (Cotswold or Portland) thus avoiding
the false colours created by the use of pigments or dyes.

Portland Stone

Colour Samples Cotswold Stone
Portland Stone       Cotswold Stone
These stones are quarried and crushed, and used to produce a reconstructed stone
with a fine honeycomb finish that is of the same nature as that produced by a stonemason's
time-honoured skills. After the production process each piece is hand-finished to ensure
that its appearance is as close as possible to that of cut natural stone.

The beauty of using natural stone is that each piece will combine with the forces of
nature to mellow with age in the same way as an item carved from solid stone.
Weathered Stone
This natural 'weathering' is more authentic than artificial methods, and will actually increase the value of your investment.      

Redwood Stone designed and produced the
GOTHIC ARCHES for The Daily Express Garden -
which won the Sword of Excellence - at the
1991 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Each Redwood Stone ornament is produced from the original concept to the
finished article in the company's own design studio, origination and
mould-making workshops. In addition to their standard designs,
Redwood Stone will produce commissions of any kind.

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