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Capel Manor Gardens

Hampton Court

Hampton Court
Regency Balustrade

Regency Balustrade
(pictured with Palace Vase RU16)

Regency Baluster RBL01
£58.50 inc vat
Regency Balustrade Plinth RBL02 £58.50 inc vat
Regency Balustrade Rail RBL03 £55.00 inc vat
Regency Balustrade Pier RBL04 £182.50 inc vat
Imperial Baluster RBL05 £58.50 inc vat

The overall height of the balustrade is 30" (76.5cm) and is available with two styles of baluster; Regency and Imperial (pictured on the right).

Rails and plinths are supplied in standard lengths of 36" (91.5cm)

Please ask for separate technical specification sheet TS01

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