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The unkempt meadow grass to either side of the avenue has matured beautifully since June 2000 and is now the setting for many features from Redwood's Reclamation Stone. The original blue and white perennial planting of hostas, salvia, acanthus, campanula and others under the avenue of hornbeams is retained and some of the other ever-present species of old fashioned English gardens are added; roses, lavender, iris, herbs, ferns and climbers.


This tranquil setting provided the home for one of the most intreaguing features of English garden design - the Folly. Follies are eccentric structures that need serve no specific function except to impress, amaze or delight. However our Follies often act as hidden retreats for a tranquil summer evening, a glorified Potting Shed to while away a few relaxing hours or even a Garden Facade to hide unsightly areas such as the bonfire or compost heap.


The Folly and ornaments in the garden are accessed by simple paths mown in the meadow grass - a feature of many classical English gardens. Some of the features act as focal points, some to bring to the movement and sound of water to the garden and some are hidden surprises to be happened upon. Hidden amongst the planting will be the charming Toothache Man gargoyle from Wells Cathedral, a beautifully distressed Baptismal Font and the Drinking Trough and Dragon Head water feature.


This whole ambitious project was very much a transatlantic cooperation. The concept for 'Pure Folly' came from Tim Redwood. Steve Slight, Redwood Stone's master mason, travelled to Cleveland to help build the Folly. Bob Frieden of Ohio based Frieden Landscapes joined Steve in the building and installation work and his team carried out all the planting. All of the plants were kindly donated by Willoway Nurseries, another Ohio company, and Larry Greenes of Redwood Stone USA provided the essential coordinating link from his Beachwood office.

Tim Redwood, June 2002

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