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The Cincinnati Flower Show, held on the shores of Lake Como at Coney Island, is perhaps the most prestigious of all the US flower shows. Christened “King of all Flower Shows” by Better Homes and Gardens, it is the only Flower Show in the world outside Great Britain to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. We would have to perform here to live up to expectations! Fortunately we were teaming up with local company Delhi Flower and Garden Centers to build a Show Garden.


Tim Young, Delhi’s designer, was no stranger to the show, and had an impressive track record here. However, even he must have been feeling the heat as this was the 15th anniversary of the show and the first with Bob Maddux, owner of Delhi, as chairman of the board! Tim is lucky to have such a great team working on the garden, but special mention should be made of Neil White who worked tirelessly with Sean Gibson, Redwood’s own folly builder extraordinaire.


Tim designed the garden around a Redwood Folly Ruin adding a number of very imaginative ideas of his own. However his real strength lay in the skill and artistry of his planting. I think I can honestly say that I have not seen planting at any US show that I have visited so far that so captured the degree of detail of a Chelsea Show Garden. The integration of English Cottage garden style with local species along with a seamless combination of sunny, shady, flower and herb planting was his trademark.


I always particularly enjoy seeing what new idea each different designer we work with will conjure up from our Gothic Folly components – and Tim did not let me down. His reflecting pool set in the midst of the ruin surrounded by the remnants of a column arched colonnade was the individual highlight for me. Amongst the many vistas carefully crafted into the garden the view through the pool to the Font was magical. Perhaps my favourite image was of that same Font with the Secret Door in the background.


Needless to say Delhi were awarded a Gold Medal for this inspirational garden but would they win the coveted RHS award for Best in Show – the only RHS award available anywhere in the world outside the UK! Kevin O’Dell’s Midwest Landscape Network’s garden designed by Tracey Meade was a strong competitor, as was the Monet inspired Perrino Landscapes exhibit. At an emotional awards ceremony the Delhi team were presented with the RHS award by none other than Sir Richard Carew-Pole himself, President of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Tim Redwood, April 2004

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