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Chelsea Flower Show
Hampton Court Flower Show
Chelsea Flower Show 2004

Redwood Stone Chelsea 2004 -
By the time we actually arrived in SW3 this year it seemed as though Chelsea had been on the public’s mind for months thanks to ‘Diarmuid’s Great Adventure’ on the BBC. It had certainly been uppermost in ours for sometime as our plot was on Main Avenue in amongst a rash of Show Gardens and opposite Diarmuid’s. Controversial, contemporary television gardener Diarmuid Gavin had designed a garden full of multi-coloured steel balls - we had designed our ‘Priory Garden’ to include a Cloister, a Chapel, a Tower, an Outdoor Room, a Cellar and a Grotto!

RHS Merit for Outstanding Presentation

Main View  

Hillier -
In the Royal Horticultural Society’s 200th Anniversary year the two Floral Pavilions have been joined reinstating the prestigious Monument Site. Hillier has been no stranger to the Monument Site over the years and has been handed the challenge of providing the centrepiece of the Chelsea Flower Show 2004. Redwood Stone were honoured to be involved in designer Andrew McIndoe’s answer to the challenge; ‘A Music Lover’s Garden’.

Gold Medal


Inside Cloister

Low Octagonal Fountain   Railings overlooking stand
Secret Door & Font
  Cuthbert The Water Butt
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